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April 23, 2018

Family Weekend In Colorado

Back in January I went on a vacation with my husbands family to Colorado. It was so fun to be with the entire family and get out of town for a few days! We got to stay at the cutest barn at a ranch in Silverthorne and spent the majority of our time skiing! Side […]



April 5, 2018

Brittany & Ryan – Surprise Wedding

Ever heard of a bride surprising her groom with a wedding? I’m not talking about little surprises the day of, like details or gifts he’s unaware of… I’m talking about the groom has no idea it’s actually his wedding day! Well, that’s exactly what Brittany did for Ryan – she planned a surprise wedding. Don’t […]



January 18, 2018

6 Uncommon Tips For New Photographers

So, you made it. You purchased a DSLR and you’re going to be a photographer. It feels good, right? WRONG! It feels terrifying! I would know, I’ve been there before. It’s terrifying, but really exciting all at the same time! But, why so scary? Well that’s because usually when you first start out, you have […]


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January 11, 2018

Favorite Christmas Gifts of 2017

Anyone else get some awesome goodies for Christmas? I was definitely a lucky girl and got spoiled by my family and the hubs! As I was putting away my gifts I figured I might as well share some of my favorites with you – kinda like a Christmas gift haul! So, without further ado, here […]


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December 31, 2017

Best of Arizona Wedding & Portrait Photography 2017

It’s about to be 2018! Like, what?! When on earth did that happen? 2017 just flew by, and what a year it was! From getting to shoot my first destination session to dancing my way through every mitzvah and wedding reception, this past year has been a blast! “2017 just flew by, and what a […]